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ABQ Quality Auto Service

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Honda & Acura auto specialist

Honda auto repair & service

Acura auto repair & service

and most other makes.

We take the time to make sure your car is

Fixed right...the first time!!!



acura timing belt

Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running the way it should and helps prevent major repairs down the road. A properly maintained vehicle will last longer, have fewer problems, and get better gas mileage, keeping the overall cost of owning your vehicle down.

Is your wrench light on?
Factory recommended services A 1-6, B 1-6, and any other maintenance needs can be performed by us with no compromise to your factory warranty in any way.  From the very first oil change to the 100,000 mile service, there's no need to take your car anywhere else for maintenance.


Servicing your brakes is one of the most important safety condsiderations when maintaining a vehicle. We have the highest quality brake servicing equipment made, and Seth and Art are highly experienced. When considering where to get your brakes serviced, remember your safety and satisfaction is our no.1 priority!




Hybrid vehicles require special fluids and service procedures. We are fully equipped to properly service, maintain, and repair your hybrid vehicle.



Timing belts require periodic replacement. Modern belts should be replaced every 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. A timing belt that is not replaced at recommended intervals can break, leading to costly engine repairs.

     TUNE UP

A tune up on modern vehicles consists of spark plug replacement, setting ignition timing, checking and adjusting valve clearances, and checking for and performing software updates. This is critical to keep your engine running smooth and efficiently.
We use Genuine Honda parts and/or very high quality OEM parts to keep your vehicle running the way the factory intended. OEM parts are made by the original equipment manufacturer but just don't have the vehicle brand name on the box. (for example, NGK or Denso spark plugs that come in your car from the factory are the exact same parts we use in our tune up special)



Sorry, no discounts on tune up specials or timing belt jobs. Our prices are already MUCH lower than the dealer!


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